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First there was Britpop. Then there was – what? Some of us don’t care what comes next, so long as there are records on the radio that we like. But some of us like a bit of unity in our musical culture – a meeting of ideas and tastes and inspirations. We like the sight of pop music gathering itself up like an army and making tea-time raids on unsuspecting sitting- rooms. That’s the sort of thing that Britpop – or punk or grunge or baggy – did very well. Was it any good? Yes, because it made people who never even talk about pop music start wondering: who will be number one? who’s that song by? Oh, I do like them. It got pop music on News at Ten and that gave you the same feeling as when you stole into an 18-certificate film when you were 14.

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Mansun – SIX – 21st Anniversary Edition


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