Or, perhaps, the records on show simply aren’t as bold, as ground-breaking, as the contemporary critic wants them to be? Mansun’s second album, ‘Six’, turned 15 years old this week. Its co-chief architect, band frontman Paul Draper, has written on inspirational aspects of the album on Drowned in Sound: read that piece here. In it, he states: “I was trying to be artistic, rather than commercial, on the ‘Six’ record.” Nevertheless, the album easily broke the UK top 10, attracted a wealth of critical acclaim, and spawned a number of high-charting singles. It was both an artistic and commercial triumph; a major-label LP that is utterly baffling, bewildering, and completely beguiling to this day. All of its secrets, wrapped tightly in prog-rock-goes-nuclear packaging, may never be revealed.

情報源: Mercury Prize 2013: No More Heroes Anymore? | Features | Clash Magazine



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