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Mansun frontman Paul Draper & Producer/Engineer PDub in conversation with Billy Reeves (of BBC London and the Kscope Podcast).

MansunCast FOUR
– 25th Anniversary Boxset ‘Closed for Business’

Paul Draper and P-Dub talk to the BBC’s Billy Reeves about the sumptuous career-spanning Mansun Box-Set ‘Closed For Business’ (which is available to pre-order NOW), the recording of ‘Little Kix’, hanging out in the beans-on-toast queue with Sir Paul McCartney, the future of the live music scene in a CovidWorld, the new Paul Draper LP and – will there ever be a Mansun reunion?


MansunCast THREE
– The Dead Flowers Reject

Mansun mainman Paul Draper speaks to the BBC’s Billy Reeves about ‘The Dead Flowers Reject’, coming out* for the first time on vinyl as it was meant, what he heard the rest of the band were plotting while he was twiddling the knobs during the ‘Six’/’Dead Flowers Reject’ sessions in London, the dark secrets of the EMI vaults, cutting the ribbon at a brand new venue named after his most famous work – PLUS some exclusive tit-bits about his forthcoming second solo LP.


MansunCast TWO
– Six

Has Paul Draper any regrets? Who was in the cafe? HOW MANY drum kits? What exactly is a Glass Orchestra? Why did a pop group, who were number one in the charts get away with recording such a mad, audacious album – and why did no one STOP THEM?


MansunCast ONE
– Attack of the Grey Lantern

In this first episode, Paul & Dub discuss the origins of the band, the art-school influence, the task of bringing the new box-set re-issue of ‘Attack Of The Grey Lantern’ together, and whether or not the early incarnation ever hit the heights of the great absurdist heights of Lennon or the Pythons, or it was it all a bit Dick Emery…?!


Season 2 Episode 22 Mansun – Little Kix
September 22nd, 2020

Season 1 No. 4 MANSUN – Attack of the Grey Lantern
December 3rd, 2019

Rockin’ the Suburbs

906 Mansun – An Appreciation
July 22, 2020

Patron and loyal listener Steven Routledge sparks a discussion with us on the British band, Mansun (one of his favorite groups). They released three albums between 1997 and 2000.

The C86 Show

Mansun special with Paul Draper in conversation with David Eastaugh
November 10, 2019

Paul Draper returned home to study at Wrexham Art College before forming Mansun with bassist Stove King, and guitarist Dominic Chad. The band signed to Parlophone and released three studio albums before splitting in 2003 whilst recording their fourth. In 2004, Draper compiled Mansun’s aborted fourth album recordings for release in the Kleptomania box set.

On 16 May 2006, Draper announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer during fourth album sessions at Rockfield Studios. After a blister appeared on his left hand middle finger that kept bleeding, Draper visited a local doctor who took a sample of tissue from the finger. He was informed that it was a malignant tumour known as a “Bowenoid Malignancy”, and responded positively to five cycles of chemotherapy. However, he was unable to play for several months after the tumour was cut out and his finger swelled up following treatment.

Dig Me Out

214- Mansun – ATTACK of the Grey Lantern
FEBRUARY 17 2015

Mansun’s 1997 debut Attack of the Grey Lantern crosses Britpop influences with older American influences in a wildly interesting combination

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ATTACK of the Grey Lantern

391- Mansun – SIX
July 10 2018

Mansun expanded the sound on their expansive sophomore album Six, but was it to detriment of the songwriting?

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Love That Album

Episode 66 – Mansun – Attack of the Grey Lantern

What happens if you mix stripping clergy members,trainspotting, James Bond, and English village life? No, not a Monty Python sketch – you get the 1997 debut album from Mansun, a band from the tail end of the musical movement known as Britpop. The album, Attack of the Grey Lantern went to #1 on the British charts – for one week -, but unlike “Parklife” by Blur or “Definitely Maybe” by Oasis seems to have been forgotten about.  What was it replaced by? Tune in and find out.

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Attack of the Grey Lantern