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Paul Draper rose to fame in the ‘90s with UK alt-rock outfit Mansun. Known for hits like “Stripper Vicar” and “Wide Open Space,” Mansun enjoyed worldwide success before calling it quits in 2003 (to learn more about Mansun, check out my retrospective here). Following the band’s split, Draper re-emerged from time to time working with acts like the Joy Formidable and My Vitriol. Recently, the Mansun faithful were pleased to learn of Draper’s involvement with a new project called The Anchoress. Draper was kind enough to speak with me from England via email detailing everything about The Anchoress, an L.A. rapper also called Mansun, and the real story behind his mysterious solo album.

情報源: Catching Up With Mansun’s Paul Draper | HUFFPOST ARTS & CULTURE



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Paul Draper – February/March 2018 Tour Trailer


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