Paul Draper eonmusic Interview March 2018 | eonmusic

As the man behind indie rockers Mansun, Paul Draper scored early success when the band’s seminal 1997 debut ‘Attack OF The Grey Lantern’ went to No.1 in the U.K. After progressive follow-up and cult favourite ‘Six’ however, the band began to splinter, and by 2003 it was all over. Concentrating on writing and production in the years since, today Paul admits; “I didn’t think I’d become a performer again”. Fifteen years later however, he’s back, with his first solo album ‘Spooky Action’, and a tour celebrating twenty-one years since the ‘Grey Lantern’ first reared his head. We sat down with Paul for a chat about his return, plans for expanded Mansun reissues, and the road ahead. Wearing the trousers; Michael J.  

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